The iRobot Roomba 694 – What Sets it Apart

iRobot Roomba 694 is equipped with the iAdapt navigation technology, which is based on data from the robot’s sensors and is capable of making up to 60 decisions per second. This allows it to effectively cover the surface of a room, cleaning every inch of the floor multiple times from different angles. Like all models in the Roomba series, this robot won’t fall down the stairs, managing obstacles gently with its shock-absorbing bumpers, and detecting more areas of dirt. The DirtDetect system ensures this by intensifying the robot’s work on such locations if detected. The vacuum cleaning process itself is carried out through a 3-stage cleaning system.

As part of this, the rotating side brush collects dirt from in front of the robot and along walls and corners, directing it to the center of the iRobot Roomba. The movable cleaning head installed there adapts to the type of surface being cleaned. The two main brushes embedded in it rotate in reverse, loosen and lift dirt, so that it can be collected in the robot’s sealed tank using suction power. The dirt container is also equipped with an efficient, replaceable AeroVac filter.

The iRobot Roomba 694 offers several key benefits that make it an attractive option for cleaning your home. Here are some of the key product benefits:

  • iAdapt Navigation Technology: The Roomba 694 is equipped with iAdapt navigation technology, which allows the robot to clean effectively and efficiently. The technology uses data from the robot’s sensors to make up to 60 decisions per second, which helps the robot navigate around your home and cover every inch of the floor multiple times.
  • Obstacle Detection: The Roomba 694 is designed to detect and navigate around obstacles such as furniture, stairs, and other household items. The robot features shock-absorbing bumpers that help it gently maneuver around objects without damaging them.

  • Dirt Detect System: The Dirt Detect system on the Roomba 694 identifies areas of your home that are particularly dirty, such as high-traffic areas or areas with pet hair, and increases the cleaning power in those areas to ensure a thorough clean.

  • 3-Stage Cleaning System: The Roomba 694 uses a 3-stage cleaning system that effectively removes dirt, dust, and pet hair from your floors. The system includes rotating side brushes, movable cleaning heads, and suction power that works together to clean your home thoroughly.

  • Efficient AeroVac Filter: The Roomba 694 comes with an efficient AeroVac filter that is designed to capture dirt, dust, and pet hair, and prevent it from recirculating into the air. The filter is replaceable, ensuring that your Roomba continues to perform at its best over time.

  • Easy to Use: The Roomba 694 is easy to use and requires minimal setup. Simply press a button to start cleaning, and the robot will take care of the rest. You can also use the iRobot HOME app to control the robot from your smartphone or tablet, making it even easier to use.

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